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I’m not going to lie, the past week has been tough. I said this website would be a chronicle of my journey to financial independence and it still is. I’m 100% committed to documenting the steps towards the life I dream of. Saying that, I feel that I’ve suffered some significant setbacks in the past 7 days or so. I’ve really had to think about my current game plan and adjust a few elements accordingly. I’ve always known that there will be certain times throughout this journey where I would have to pivot, however I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

So, what happened? I mentioned previously that I often work 12 hours days that are book-ended by a long commute at this point in my life. Well, my main goal recently has been to move out of this situation to have more time to focus on my other projects. I’ve actually been trying to get several projects off the ground simultaneously to see what flies.

The first business I’ve been working on is bringing a new education franchise to Thailand. Talks had been going on for around 6 months and we all believed that it was only a matter of time before we opened the first learning centre here. Long story short, the local investor backed out last week due to the overseas franchisor being inflexible on certain terms of the contract that would be necessary to do business here.

In addition to the education project, I also recently interviewed for a job teaching at a university. It was a pretty large step down in salary, but was also a huge reduction in number of working hours. That job would have allowed me to pay my mortgage, have enough to go to work and cover my food. Everything else – luxuries, savings, bIlls would have had to come from my online earnings – Upwork, Fiverr, this site, a few other sites I run etc. It wouldn’t have been comfortable at first, but at least I would have had time to work on building up my other streams of income.

Anyway, it wasn’t meant to be. On the same day that the education project fell through, I was informed that the university didn’t have the budget to hire me. They would be going for a less experienced candidate on a much lower salary.

That was a tough day! My main ways out of my current situation both disappeared within a few hours! I was quite frankly bereft of ideas.

Then a day later, I asked for some feedback on my site from someone with some experience of earning online. I guess in just a sucker for punishment. “It’s a really tough market segment to get into. Loads of people are doing this already. Best case scenario is you’re not going to make money for a year or two and even ten it’s not likely to be much.” is an approximate summary of the feedback I received.

Wow! Triple whammy in a few days. What to do? Fall into a ball and cry like a baby? Just the thought of continuing what I’m doing with no hope of getting out made me want to do exactly that.

I started looking around for something. Anything. Just get me out of here!!!

I applied for a few jobs out of reflex, but I wasn’t really qualified and don’t really want them. It just felt good to be doing something. Which is when I realised…

My whole focus so far has been “not this”. I’ve been doing things to run away from my current situation. The main problem with this, as a wise man once told me, is that “away” is not a direction.


Paradigm shift time. If I keep going away from things, it means I have no real destination. My goal has been financial independence, and it still is. But I’ve realized the goal can’t be not putting up with long hours, a crazy commute or insane business decisions. I need a more concrete and highly motivating goal to drive me forward.

So here goes.…. My old goal was financial independence to get away from a situation where I am currently unhappy.  My new goal is financial independence to:

  • spend more time with my wife and cat
  • visit my young nieces in England more frequently
  • pay off my mortgage early and save trends of thousands of dollars

Chewie the Maine Coon

How am I going to do it? Well, I am still committed to this website. I’m also still working on my other website with my wife – focusing on vegetarian Thai food. I’m still doing some small investments. I also have a few other business ideas that are in different stages of discussions. I’m still looking for something that will allow me to have now time at home, but I’m absolutely not going to just jump into something because “it’s not this”. I’m also always up for other suggestions, so if you have any sugaring or ideas, please share in the comments.

Thank you for reading. This post ha been very cathartic for me.