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About Me

Financial Independence Looks Like

Hello and welcome to! My name is Andy and this site will chronicle my journey from full-time employee to financial independence.

I’ve been on this journey off and on for the past few years, but over the past six months I’ve really stepped up my efforts. I’ve learned a lot in this time, but one thing I have definitely learned is that there’s a lot of BS – or to put it a morepolitely, balderdash out there. This site aims to cut through the balderdash and show only real ways for YOU to earn balderCASH!


Say Hello to OpportunityBuild the life you want

You and I are both fortunate enough to have access to a community of 3 billion people through the internet. As a result, we have almost unlimited opportunities to create financial independence for ourselves. This website will chronicle my journey through the world of earning a living through the internet. I hope you’ll stay with me, get some inspiration and start cutting a slice of this big pie for yourself! It’s very important to say from the outset that right now my regular online income is exactly $0 per month. My goal is to support myself completely through online income within the next 18 months.


My Life

Right now my workday sees me commuting an hour each way to a job where I regularly work 12 hour days. I get very little satisfaction from my job, and spend most of the day counting down to clock-off time. I spend most day counting down to the weekend. Well I’ve decided enough is enough! I need to change my lifestyle and start building the life I want – starting with creating alternative streams of income so I am not constrained by my job.

A little about me – originally I came from an Chemical Engineering background in the UK. However I have spent the past 12 years living in Asia and working in the education industry. I feel very privileged that I’ve been able to live in two beautiful Asian countries –  South Korea and Thailand. I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel quite extensively around Thailand and South East Asia over the past 12 years. I like in a beautiful suburb of Bangkok, which is a fantastic, multicultural city to live in.

Without the intention of boasting, I am very conscious of the fact that, despite what I said above, I have been able to live a lifestyle that is attractive to many people. I am just an ordinary person, almost anyone can live the lifestyle that I’ve lived for the past 12 years. I geniunely believe that that the main reason I’ve been able to do this is:

  1. The courage to grab opportunities on offer.
  2. The determination to work through challenges!


Financial Independence

In addition to financial independence, my other goal is location independence. My aim is to spend more time in other Asian countries and travel back to the UK more. I have two beautiful nieces now and I owe it to myself, and to them, to be there more as they grow up. I strongly believe that anyone can make a living online – if they have the courage to actually start doing it, as well as the determination to see through the challenges. That’s why I’m starting this website as part of my course on creating financial independence. It’s time for me to create the life I really want. Read more about it here, or follow along on the course with me – it’s free to get started.

Financial Independence At Last